Buehler’s Day Off


"Johann Schneider came this close to a hole in one on #7 @toscanacc South Course! #almost cheribichsel… http://t.co/oFafH2P3u7"
"RT @Julie_Buehler: @seandaigle @Beondeck thanks Sean!! Much appreciated!"
"RT @seandaigle: @Julie_Buehler @Beondeck you guys are hilarious..."
"RT @kvs5150: @Beondeck wow number 2, thanks dome"
"Enjoying dinner @WFMpalmdesert with my wife at the Tap In Taproom! So much fun."


"Rivers looks to Allen, Jenoris Jenkins says thanks so much, runs pick back goal line to goal line. #Rams lead 10-3"
"First 2 series for #Chargers, it was all Mathews. Should be interesting to see if they mix it up here or want to get him going."
"Stadium video board just showed Phins scoring on #Broncos. Fans cheered louder for that then they did the #Chargers FG."
"Tied game 3-3 after 22-yd field goal from Legatron. #greatnickname #Rams #Chargers"
"Roughing the passer????? On Freeney??? You mean the guy who DIDN'T actually tackle Hill????"